What’s In Your Spring Break Bag?

By the time we reach the end of February, I think we can all agree that it’s time for some fun in the sun with friends or family. No schoolwork. No chores. Maybe even a break from the erg (sorry, Coach).

It’s time to get out that favorite bag or backpack (or buy a new one) and prepare to get away! Spring Break! We’d like to help you get prepared, so here is our top 10 list of things to pack, whether you are going across town or across the country.

  1. Water — hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
  2. Sunscreen — and lots of it! Make sure it’s non-pore clogging and waterproof
  3. A Great Hat — preferably CATCH & FEATHER!
  4. Brush & Hair Ties —for a great-looking high ponytail or man bun!
  5. Comfy Cotton Tee — always perfect
  6. Cover Up/sweatshirt — an easy pull-on for lunch, shopping
  7. Plastic Bag for Wet Bathing Suits/Gear — no sandy bottoms
  8. Protein Bar — no low blood sugar!
  9. Great Book — (bad romance novels acceptable)
  10. Games — it’s playtime, bring your favorites! Cards, Backgammon, Frisbees, Hacky Sack and more

Leave it at home: Stress, Worry, Bad Weather, Bad attitude!

But before you leave, you’ll need a couple versatile outfits to complete your packing. Here are some suggestions from our collection… and you’re ready to go!

Pack light and have fun!

Heritage Cap

Whether shading your eyes, or keeping the sea spray out of your hair, your go-to hat. https://catchandfeather.com/product/heritage-cap/

Make It Reign Tee

Light and breezy, a soft cotton blend tee, paired with shorts, is a classic. On the beach, on a boat, or on the town, you’ll be comfortable and relaxed. https://catchandfeather.com/product/make-it-reign-mens/

 The Heritage Fleece Quarter Zip

 As a small chill approaches with the setting sun, the fun doesn’t have to end. A soft quarter zip will provide the perfect amount of warmth and style. https://catchandfeather.com/product/womens-rowing-apparel-heritage-fleece-sweatshirt-quarter-zip/


The Victory Tote

The perfect bag completes the perfect outfit. Something to hold that good book, a towel and sunscreen. https://catchandfeather.com/product/victory-tote/

The Heritage Weekender

 Our large canvas duffel is perfect for any of your travels. It’s light, holds a few days worth of clothing, and fits it in tight spaces — all while looking polished.  https://catchandfeather.com/product/heritage-weekender-bag/



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