CATCH & FEATHER's style isn't just about great looks.

More importantly, CATCH & FEATHER's foundation lies in the deep emotional power of the sport, and the spirit of giving back.

My father passed away suddenly in December of 2012. He always encouraged me in my sporting activities. He was an enthusiastic athlete… golfer, sailor, skier, tennis player and fisherman. And always the proudest dad at my competitions. But he’ll never see me row. I think that’s one of the things that drives me. I used to swim, then played tennis. I loved both, but then I took my first rowing clinic at Saugatuck Rowing Club in Westport, CT. That was it. I never looked back.

My coaches have been especially important mentors to me. At Choate Rosemary Hall and Saugatuck, my coaches drive us hard, but more importantly teach us to be consummate sportsman, students and honor both the sport and each other.  They also have opened my eyes to the needs of underserved youth and adaptive athletes whose lives can be changed dramatically by rowing.

The amazing power of rowing has inspired me to find a way to share my love of the sport with many, and in the process, give back to the community that feeds my soul. So I founded CATCH & FEATHER — a clothing and accessories brand for rowers and enthusiasts that aims to encourage participation in the sport and give back to underserved communities… while having some fun in the process.

I guess the simple point here is that if you love the sport… you should share it with someone who is eager to learn. Whether it’s advice on technique, support for a friend that’s just lost their lunch after a 2K, or simply an “at-a-boy/girl” after a long race, it means more than you know to both novice and experienced rowers alike. Share the love. CATCH & FEATHER is my expression of that love.

 Row Well. Do Good. 

~ Alexandra Lisi Lengel

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