New Rowers on the Horizon


Rowing develops confidence, dedication, and passion in its participants. However, rowing can often be a selective sport because it requires expensive equipment, strong swimming abilities, pricey travel, entry fees, and a body of water, which some people do not have access to. Still, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of rowing.

The Horizons Summer Program agrees with us, and they are making it their mission to give campers the rush of wielding an oar. Horizons is a summer camp based out of Greens Farms Academy in Connecticut. The program fosters academic and personal growth for children in grades K-12 from underserved areas of Bridgeport. This year, the rising high schoolers get the chance to try out rowing for the first time.

All rising 9th graders have the opportunity to participate, and this year’s group includes 8 boy and 8 girls. The campers can be seen rowing with their high-vis shirts out of Saugatuck Rowing Club.

“Rowing doesn’t just give our students the opportunity to experience a new sport. It strengthens their self-confidence and challenges them to be leaders,” says Raluca Cocianga, the Executive Director at Horizons. “Students return to campus enthusiastic and eager to share stories with their peers and teachers.  Rowing has transformed our entire program!”

We love seeing the campers out on the river right outside our office. The smiles are contagious!


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